"If I could, I would annex other planets" - mining magnate Cecil Rhodes

Now the opportunity to make this impossibility come true is here. 

Ceres (above) is now classified as a Dwarf Planet, like Pluto, and other asteroids are now Minor Planets. 

The minor planets orbit at an average distance from the Sun of around 500 million kilometres.

Pursuant to a Declaration of Ownership (below) sent to the United Nations General Assembly on 10th July 2014, the Asteroid Belt between Mars and   Jupiter has been legally claimed by His Imperial Majesty King Roman

Minor Planets generally range from within 1-500 km wide. The only one so far found to have a moon of its own is 243Ida with its moon Dactyl 1.

Not only may you contribute for a good cause PLUS own your own Minor Planet (Asteroid), but you will receive a Lord/Lady or other Title as well. Minor Planets currently on offer range up to 200 km mean diameter. Discuss this with King Roman.

If you wish, you may suggest what Minor Planet you would like to have, and what Royal or Noble Title you would like, and we will seek to comply with your request if possible. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get the one that you want. But not to worry, there are plenty more, probably around a million! See LIST OF MINOR PLANETSYou receive Grant of Title and Land, which includes the mineral rights, plus an appropriate title.

You can donate securely through the PayPal button below. 


Donation                     Your Minor Planet         Your Title Grant

$1,000.00                           452 Hamiltonia                              Lord/Lady (of) Hamiltonia

$1,500.00                                            5535 Annefrank                             Baronet/Baronette of the Space Baronetcy of Annefrank

$2,500.00                                           433 Eros                                            Baron/Baroness of the Space Barony of Eros

$4,000.00                                           951 Gaspra                                       Count/Countess of the Space County of Gaspra

$5,500.00                                           243 Ida                                               Duke/Duchess of the Space Duchy of Ida, and Lord/Lady Dactyl

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Sample grant of noble title and minor planet

Sample grant of title and minor planet
Asteroids are now renamed Minor Planets
Asteroid Belt

A few minor planets and sizes 

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