INVESTOR/S and AEROSPACE ENGINEER/S wanted to support research on Moonship Phoenix in order to make it viable for launch to the Moon.
King Roman made an approach to the new Australian Space Agency which opened in Canberra on 1st July 2018 and is planning to build a launch site near Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory of Australia. He has had an interest in Astronomy since he went on a Trinity Academy school night trip to Calton Hill Observatory Edinburgh in 1957. 
He lately completed a short course - Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe - through the Australian National University in Canberra. King Roman also has deeds to land on the Moon at the Copernicus crater and Manilius crater. 

Helium assists buoyancy - the Karman Line bordering Space is now found to be only 60-80 kms above the Earth. Possibly assisted by hydrazine fuel, or advantages of xenon propulsion, _thruster, or The Aerojet Rocketdyne designed thruster which has been given its first thumbs up, or the low-fuel load Advanced Electric Propulsion System’s (AEPS) 13-kW Hall thruster, powered by solar panels, which has been cleared for further development. 

King Roman's projects include Moonship Phoenix, & movie Moon Shock (to be based on his own writings. Interested persons are invited to participate and contribute. King Roman's Moonship Phoenix is circular. It uses helium to provide neutral buoyancy, and copper cones, alone or in tandem, which gently accummulate fuel-less thrust in Space. (These need to be checked for ideal size, shape and thickness. Also for reverse thrust and manoeuverability.)  (Based on the Shawyer EmDrive first run in 1998, tests by the worlds most advanced propulsion engineers, including from NASA, still end up producing measurable thrust which, in the frictionless environment of space, accumulates - produced by a copper cone open one end closed the other. Investigations of this phenomenon are currently being pursued at Penn State University.) Another movie is in the pipeline about his experiences as a patrol officer / kiap in Papua New Guinea.

Moon Flights are envisioned to become safe and comfortable through King Roman's invention of Moonship Phoenix, with no multiple G  forces to contend with and therefore family friendly! 

Moonship Phoenix is stable, can take off from almost anywhere, and is totally manoeuvrable, which gives it a distinct edge over rockets. It is virtually self-contained and eco-friendly, and comfortable. 

Moonship Phoenix is also useable as a Floating/Flying Car/Vehicle, and therefore ideal for Moon Tourism

Or it can be used as a Moon Base, Space Station, or Planet Base

Your Moon Flight is expected to take around 10 days, with 3 days travel to, around 2 days floating over the Lunar terrain and visiting craters, lakes, mountains, caves, the Moon Kingdoms Alba & Kath, and the Moon Empire Luna on the Far/Dark Side (see below), and then 3 days to return to Earth having experienced the greatest Out of this World experience ever granted to humankind, with photos and souvenirs to last a lifetime and more!

See Moonship Phoenix



PRODUCER/S wanted to finance production of  His Imperial Majesty's novelette Moon Shock, which is part of King Roman's trilogy The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson. 

He would also like to make a movie about his exploits in PNG, tentatively called Our Man in Moresby.

King Roman did courses in acting, production and directing, and was invited by Forcast to suggest Darwin cast for Crocodile Dundee in 1985. He appeared in The Phantom (1996), and acted in an episode of Flipper (Jessica Alba) (1996). 


In 1959 the USSR's Luna 1 became the 1st spacecraft to travel away from Earth. Luna 2 made the 1st crash landing on the Moon. Luna 3 took the 1st pictures of the Far Side, now King Roman's Empire of Luna. In 1966 Luna 9 made the 1st soft landing. And in 1970 Luna 17's Lunokhod 1 became the 1st rover to explore another world, the Moon. Between 1969 and 1972, on 6 Apollo missions, 12 Americans, in total, walked on the Moon, totally 80 hours of exploration outside the landers.


Caves formed from ancient volcanic lava flows have been found on the Moon. In 2009, the Japanese Space Agency JAXA discovered a cave at Marius Hills about 70 metres wide and over 90 metres long. In 2011 the Indian Space Agency found a bigger cave about 130 metres wide and 1.7 kilometres long in a region of the Moon called Oceanus Procellarum. Silicon India quoted that these caves could protect Moon visitors (or residents) from broad temperature fluctuations, cosmic radiation, micro-meteors, and dust storms.


King Roman indicated that there may also be algae in the caves to provide breathable oxygen,​ and underground lakes with fish. In 2014 King Roman wrote to the UN General Assembly claiming ownership of the Far Side of the Moon, as well as of the Asteroid Belt Minor Planets, & the Jupiterian moons Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa which is covered with ice overlying an ocean. As at March 2015, it has been determined that there is an underground ocean on Ganymede! His Imperial Majesty has named the Far Side of our Moon the Moon Empire of Luna.


If you have the ability to fund a prototype of Moonship Phoenix for testing, King Roman will offer you a return of your money when Moonship Phoenix becomes profitable plus a percentage of profits from the enterprise. This could be an investment in Earth's future on the Moon, and an end to archaic rockets.

                                                              Scientific Inspirations                                                                 

Albert Szent-Gysrgyi (Nobel Winner) "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought."

Arthur Koestler (Science Author) "The more original the discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."

Francis Crick (Nobel Winner) "The dramatic feeling of sudden enlightenment that floods the mind when the right idea finally clinches into place."

King Roman (Nobel Nominee) "My Super Space Saucer may be constructed to any size and may be used as a Moon base." 

More information here and also here

Last Century, a Space Treaty was prepared to prohibit any Earth NATION from claiming ownership on the Moon. It has never been fully ratified or amended. This anomaly was exploited by an American citizen, who claimed not only the Moon but also the content of the Solar System. After purchasing land from him for creation of his imperial Moon Kingdoms of Alba and Kath, King Roman exploited further anomalies for Moon and Space land not on offer, and claimed and named the Moon's Far Side as the Moon Empire of Luna, and three of Galileo's largest Jupiterean moons, which he named the Space Empires of Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa. (He did not claim Io, because it is covered in active volcanoes and uninhabitable while the other three are rocky and covered with or contain ice/water.)

His Imperial Majesty King Roman is a Monarch in Exile, both from the Kingdom of Europa on Earth, and from the crater Kingdoms of Alba at Copernicus and Kath at Manillius on the Moon. King Roman has lived in exile in Darwin, Australia, with his Filipino wife since 1975, whom he married that year at St Paul's, Dover, in England. 

In or around July 2014, His Imperial Majesty King Roman I, Imperial King (Emperor) of Europa, and originally Grand Duke of Lithuania, advised the Secretary- General of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) of his rightful inheritance, genealogical and legal, his Royal Sovereignty of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Latvia (Courland-Livonia), known as the Imperial Kingdom of EUROPA. He also advised the Secretary-General of UNGA of his claims to these Galilean / Jupiterian Moons (Space Empires): 1. GANYMEDE - the biggest moonworld in the Earth's Solar System; 2. CALLISTO - another rocky moonworld; and 3. EUROPA - an ice-covered moonworld covering a water world beneath. He further advised the Secretary-General of UNGA of his entitled claim of ownership to the Moon's Farside/Darkside - the Moon Empire of LUNA. 

He further advised UNGA of his ownership of the Imperial Moon Kingdoms of ALBA and KATH on the Nearside. Alba is located on the outer North slope of the Copernicus Crater, and Kath is on the outer East Slope of the Manilius Crater. The location of each of these Kingdoms is specified in deeds of ownership.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman is a Monarch in Exile both from the Kingdom of Europa on Earth and from the Moon Kingdoms of Alba on Copernicus and of Kath on Manillius. 

Each of these Imperial Moon Kingdoms will eventually comprise 2 Kingdoms or 4 Grand Duchies, 8 Principalities or 16 Dukedoms, 32 Counties or 64 Baronies, 128 Baronetcies or 256 Knighthoods, or a mix, each with proportional territories and precedences. Thus each Royal or Noble person will own a proportion of royal Moon land and be a subject of the King or prince, and of the Imperial King Roman. Your Lunar Real Estate includes mineral and mining rights. Donations are low (see below), because of the current difficulty of getting to the Moon, but this will change with the increasingly rapid advance of technology in which King Roman's Moonship Phoenix may ultimately play an important part.

King Roman's claim of ownership includes the million-plus Minor Planets of the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter of which the largest is Ceres. In total, King Roman owns seven Empires, one on Earth, the other six in the Earth's inner Solar System.

Each empire or kingdom, which includes territorial, mineral, and mining rights, may currently be acquired by able and willing supporters for a suitably appropriate donation.  You may have ONE higher title, including land, for the difference in donation from your first, and use both titles!

His Imperial Majesty is one of only two Imperial Kings (Emperors) on Earth (the other is Japan) and UNIQUELY the only one to own two Imperial Moon Kingdoms, namely the Moon Empire of Luna, and three Space Empires.


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Flag and Arms of the Moon Empire of Luna 

Is Gravity Strong or Weak?

Maybe NASA has fooled everyone, and perhaps rocket scientists have perpetuated a myth? If gravity is as powerful as they say, why is it we are not all crushed, why is it aircraft are not pulled down from the sky? Do we really need to escape from Earth at 11 km/sec, when helium can lift an object above the atmosphere? 

If gravity is so powerful, why is the atmosphere not liquified or solidified on the Earth's surface? Who discovered that we need to travel at 11 km/sec to escape from Earth, and how? What if the notion is incorrect? If Einstein is right with his curved space theory, might not Newton be wrong with his gravitational theory? Or might Newton be right, and NASA be wrong in their assumptions? Gravity must weaken with distance, mustn't it? 

Maybe all that energy to fly at 11 km/sec is unnecessary, and helium can raise a spacecraft to a height where gravity is weak enough that a spacecraft can manoeuvre through the increasing amount of Space junk around our planet by four small, rotatable, apposite, outer, atmospheric nozzles, to achieve the goal of leaving Earth and going to the Moon. 

Perhaps the safe and elevating helium gas can be contained within the spacecraft structure, and be decompressed/compressed according to the desire to ascend or descend; and another compressor can be used to compress and decompress any atmospheric gases required to feed the small, manoeuvering, propulsion rocket nozzles? Hence Moonship Phoenix, the coming revolution in Space craft design and travel. 

Still uncertain? Then consider this paradox: Science defines Gravity as "A VERY WEAK FORCE"! 

Residence: 124 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia                 Mail: PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia  

His Imperial Majesty King Roman is currently the ONLY person on Earth who owns Moon Kingdoms, and has the royal and rightful authority to grant Royal and Noble Moon titles and Royal Moon land title deeds to supporters/donors.
His Majesty King Roman designed Moonship Phoenix, a saucer shaped spacecraft powered by the latest technologies, to travel to, on, and back from, our Moon, and to be a Moon base..